in a word: WOW!

HOME: has to be the definitive statement on global warming. thank you YANN ARTHUS-BERTRAND & team. and thanks julia mader of RASAYANA COVE our unique healing ashram here in florida who finally just brought the placid-shattering documentary to my attention during a recent retreat.

after watching this preview click HERE to to take in the full 1.5-hour extravaganza. if you’re like me, it’ll take you more than a single sitting to take it all in. i advise you give it all the time it’s asking. and need i add, it’s best @ full-resolution, full-screen, and turn up those ancillary speakers!

going on 3 yrs now since its release; where’ve i been??

devastating, of course, but doesn’t just leave you there; simply too late to be a pessimist! as they put it. music – aerials – narration – silences all of highest caliber and orchestration together, nothing less than what our miraculous, embattled mother planet deserves. ties in everything you’ve already heard about our number one global crisis- and then some! talk about moved by mother!

the film appeared on june 5, 2009, world environment day, the first film ever to be released simultaneously in theaters – on tv – dvd – internet, free in 5 continents and 14 languages, the director giving up all copyright rights. YOU’LL WANT TO READ THE FILM’S WIKIPEDIA ENTRY

a beautiful work

adele & i just saw it
what a piece!
see that little circle in the lower left?
it’s where people concerns match up w/ mother’s
it’s also how mark h. laid it out in HOT
as in can’t have the one w/o the other
for me it’s where art, mother, and love come together
the people all genuine & stunning
if you haven’t already, do have a look
you won’t be sorry