seeds of freedom -or insanity

Stop! take the 30-min to tune into this vital look at the story of seeds from GAIA FOUNDATION and AFRICAN BIODIVERSITY NETWORK, narrated by jeremy irons . . .

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check the site SEEDS OF FREEDOM

The nonhuman world was seen as a collection of objects to be exploited not as subjects to be communed with. We have continued this exploitation in these past four centuries with such passion that the devastation has flowed over into the larger dimensions of the planet, and now we are at a planetwide impasse as regards human consumption and Earth limits. These two are on a collision course. ( thomas berry’s THE SACRED UNIVERSE: EARTH, SPIRITUALITY AND RELIGION IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY, ipad kindle loc 1572/2110 )


transition culture’s top ten films

Terrific narrated filmed reviews of where we’re coming from, where we need to be going. check each out in order on TRANSITION CULTURE’S UK SITE: 6 abbrev trailers, 2 5-6 min trailers, a 35-min animated film, and yet one more fine BBC documentary on living with Mother ( 50-min ).

but first, promised word on-topic from favorite commentator THOMAS BERRY

The story of the Western world is the story of how the peoples whose culture took shape through the religious inspiration of the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, the humanism of the Greek world, the political-legal genius of the Romans, and a brilliant medieval period became so entranced with a secular, scientific, industrial civilization serving limited human needs that it was willing to devastate the entire planet for the immediate benefits received ( by the few ). Their assault upon the Earth has been so violent in modern times, both to its geological structures and its living species, that we ( now ) face a tremendous crisis . . . This new situation is so inherent in cultural structures that it seems to be the inevitable consequence of ( those very ) religious, political, educational, ethical, and economic establishments of Western peoples. ( ipad kindle loc 1686/2110 of thomas berry’s THE SACRED UNIVERSE: EARTH, SPIRITUALITY, AND RELIGION IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY )

here’s rob hopkins’ own review of his transition network’s chosen top ten films.

click on embedded trailers & films directly @ TRANSITION CULTURE’S SITE

here is my own favorite, their #2 selection, naturalist filmmaker / farmer rebecca hosking’s deeply honest, probe into her own farm of the future.