mid-hurricane / mid-florida . . .

sure hoping they don’t come together !!


gov’s no-one-else telling me . . .

so here’s my imac’s screen saying the so @ 10:48 this morning
four wind swells moving up NE across this end of our planet

these few days after terrible harvey in texas

com’on you blind-tops, do notice
do get on with it !

seed: the untold story

. . . about time to hear it & tell it, this money life of ours attempting to take it all

what a story !
do get the chance to see it in full, as we just did

electric road’s coming

. . . more than just new cars
thanks again, guardian

traffic now more than all this heat
overwhelming too here at home

as wifeling & me on the way out
mother sure on her way back

the higher we soar

. . . the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly

~ friedrich nietzsche

photo by billy frank, jr,
nisqually national wildlife refuge, washington

hottest day i’ve ever lived in

. . . thank you AL for taking us forward again