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here & there input can’t be helped

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CLIMATE RIDE 2008 – oldest rider & poet on inaugural ride, NY – DC

CLIMATE RIDE 2009with foot off the gas pedal – loop-the-lake home video in tribute to climate ride 2009 NY-DC cyclists

CLIMATE RIDE 2010 – oldest rider on inaugural ride down california coast

CLIMATE RIDE 2013 – by air this time
( poem’s music tracks for desktops/laptops only not mobile )

FELLOW FLORIDIANS – MOTHER NEEDS US – florida water & land legacy amendment drive

FRANCIS & MOTHER THOUGHTS – double-sided card w/ st francis pledge & earth charter preamble

GETTING STARTED – yo mom, you know how hard it is to say sorry

HAPPY NEW YEAR – action begets healing

HERE’S POSTING IT DOES JUST THAT – jim’s review of naomi klein’s this changes everythingTCE adds up to my most basic + my most advanced education for our Ma

HIT THE PEDALS, IN TOUCH AGAIN – SpringUp 15. kicking off on my 77th birthday, up beautiful SRAIA, ormond beach to fernandina beach, 115 tadpole miles in 8 days – 4-leg plan. ( see it happen – SPRINGUP 15 TRAILER )


LET’S HELP – 3 suggested Pax Christi Florida recommendations for Haiti help, after October 2016’s Hurricane Matthew

LEZREEGROOP – poem speaks clear as outcome looms

LOOP THE LAKE – 9-min drone-to-music proposal for finishing his lake monroe’s 25-mile off-road bikepath

MA – ME – WITHLACOOCHEE – 2016 birthday florida bike ride + bernie’s poem


MY MAC’S 2 EXAMPLES OF LIVING WEATHER – via Living Weather HD / Live Wallpaper-Screensaver of over 20 full-screen, non-else, meditation videos, via Pandora One’s The Buddhist Monks Radio. Beautifully done to be with Mother right here in-front

ON A PERSONAL NOTE – pax christi florida’s upcoming retreat for ma, meditations, sailplane saga

RISE FOR CLIMATE – Sep 8, 2018 here in Sanford FL. Yes, even tho plenty going wrong, does she ever still move me !

SEVAS / CRP global climate presentation – my first in climate reality leadership corps. southeast volusia audubon society, new smyrna beach FL, 12/8/16



TIME AGAIN TO SEE & HEAR – My MAC’s example of youtube living weather, via

TIME TO CONSTITUTE OUR INTERDEPENDENCE – Preambles, US Constitution to Earth Charter

TIME’S UP, MR PREZ – draw the line on keystone XL

TODAY’S EMAIL TO GET ME STARTED – seven books to read & review

TRIBUTE TO LIFE – 20-min music-photos video of wife-&-my first outdoor decade together in central florida

WHAT’S LEFT OF US WHO WORRY MOST, ACT LESS – my response to 5/16/16 wash post article – why those of us worrying most about climate change take little action.

WEIGHING IN – just where you com’n out jim ?

for my friends in the athropocene – WHAT IT’S ALL ABOUT HERE


sure would like to hear your thoughts . . .

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