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ARK OF THE APOCALYPSE – Spencer Lowell, Malia Wollan NYT Magazine article, July 13, 2017. All around the world, scientists building repositories . . . racing to preserve natural order fast disappearing

AROUND THE WORLD ON SOLAR POWER ALONE – Bettina Wassener Green Column article in NY Times of ocean vessel Turanor Planet Solar’s first world traverse on solar power

BILL MOYERS ( AGAIN ) TAKES POETRY TO THE TRUTH – plenty timely via Roque Dalton & Langston Hughes poems to the rescue of America’s soul, per Cesar Shelala, May 31, 2017

BILL FOLLOWS EARTH MOTHER TO JAIL – Reprint of George Zornick article in Nation of Change on Bill McKubben’s arrest outside the White House

BRITAIN’S SUPPLY OF GREEN ENERGY SOARS – Matt Chorley article in The Independent

CAMPAIGNS’ SILENCE ON CLIMATE CHANGE – What about it in 2012 Presidential debates ? Evan Lehmann article in Climate Wire

CHURCH & MA – CONFESSIONAL TO PULPIT  – Galileo’s Sidereus Nuncius to Pope Francis’ Laudato Si.
thanks frank !

CIVILIZATION FACES STORM OF ECO & SOCIAL PROBLEMS – Reprint of John Vidal’s article in The Guardian

CLIMATE CHANGE FIRE ALARM FROM NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Los Angeles Times editorial, 10/12/2017. ” The day of reckoning not in the future; it’s so here & now ! ”

CLIMATE CHANGE TREATED AS AFTERTHOUGHT IN 2ND PRES DEBATE – reprint 10/10/2016 Marianne Lavelle article in Inside Climate News. enough, enough !

CLIMATE CHANGE COUNTERACTION PER WORLD WAR II ! Only when the threat became overwhelming, as in Britain + US way back then in that imminent crisis, were we finally triggered into action. So do we need something that necessary today for the planet. 9/24/2018 by Paul Gilding, post carbon institute

CLIMATE RIDES 2016 – rides for ma come a long way since my pedals for her


CLIMATE SCIENTISTS LAMENT – Katherine Bagley article Inside Climate News of nation stuck on the wrong debate

CLIMATE SUMMIT UN-NYC Sep 20-21 2014 – Save the date. This time, for us all

CONNECT THE DOTS – slideshow of world event

COULD CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS BE HALF RIGHT ? – Reprint of Naomi Klein’s article in The Nation, “To Conservatives, Climate Change is Trojan Horse to Abolish Capitalism”

CYCLING SIX CONTINENTS – Jake Abrahamson writes in Sierra of Stephen Fabes’ journey across the globe in five years

DESERT SISTER COMES HOME FOR MA – Pahrump Valley Times 6/12/15 article of artist sister Jay’s 3 Moons off-the-grid desert living project

ED MARKEY CAMPAIGN – Email of support from Alan Grayson for spec election of Senate’s Mass replacement for John Kerry

ELECTRIC ROAD’S COMING – The Guardian editorial view on electric cars: they’ll change the world, 8/13/17

ENOUGH, ENOUGH – climate change treated as afterthought in second presidential debate. full article by marianne lavelle, inside climate news, 10/10/16

EXTREME WEATHER – AL’S EXCELLENT TIMING – Ronald Brownstein’s article in National Journal Magazine reviewing Al Gore’s worldwide extravaganza on climate change

FABULOUS FIGUERES FAMILY – The Guardian’s Environmental Editor John Vidal writes of Costa Rican family leading sustainability in their country

FIJI – TINY COUNTRY – HAS BIG PLAN TO FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE – Ask EVERYONE: where are we ? – where do we want to go ? – so, how do we get there ? Grist, 5/7/2018

FIRST WEEK OF PRESIDENT, SO-CALLED – 1/27/17  short video of us greeting him around the corner the day after he was tabbed, women’s march, new smyrna beach FL

FLORIDA’S WATER & LAND LEGACY – constitutional amendment ballot drive

FOSSIL FUELS – KEEP ‘EM DOWN ! – more happenings around the world, 5/10/16

FRANCIS & MOTHER RESOLVES – Jim’s double-sided card for PaxChristiFlorida retreat, St Francis Pledge & Earth Charter Preamble

FRANKENSTORM SANDY – 4 articles on New York’s fall 2012 devastating storm

GLOBAL WARMING FAR WORSE THAN PREDICTED – USA Today, 7/6/18 article enriching local Rise for Climate global action day, 9/8/18

GLOBAL WARMING WORST THAN THOUGHT – Internat Bus Times article by Hao Li

GOV BROWN TO GOV SCOTT – 5/2/16 open ltr from calif gov to florida gov. ” . . . if you’re really serious about Florida’s well-being, time to stop silly political stunts and start doing something  about climate change . . . ”


GREENHOUSE GASSES SOAR – Reprint of AP reporter Seth Borenstein’s article on worldwide findings from WMO and NOAA

HELLO SEATTLE ! June 7 birthday of Seattle, Chief of the Suquamish, per Robert Ellsberg

HISTORIC HEAT WAVE MARCHES ON – Andrew Freedman article in Climate Central News of US heat dome, summer of 2012

HUMANS ON THE VERGE OF CAUSING EARTH’S FASTEST CLIMATE CHANGE – OK, let’s give it another scientific look – full Guardian article by Dana Nuccitelli, April 17, 2017

HURRICANE IRMA – 9/1/17 – monster storm; here’s where it might be headed. Grist article

HURRICANE IRMA – 9/5/17 – powerful hurricane irma a growing threat to the US; details unclear. Mashable article

HURRICANE IRMA – 9/7/17 – hurricane irma: a practically impossible storm. Wired article

HURRICANE IRMA – 9/16/17 – here in central florida just getting back to normal. been a wk today. we’re ok. only back yard still a mess. my words with NASA satellite video of cat-4 hurricane irma traveling over florida

HURRICANE IRMA – 9/18/17 – ok, so here’s how irma mostly looks up & down, in florida & the caribbean. The Week articles

HURRICANES IRMA & HARVEY – 9/13/17 – slowing it down matters: what irma & harvey tell us about climate change. Rolling Stone article

IN THE SKY, AROUND THE WORLD, W/O A DROP OF FUEL – Solar Impulse 2 lands in Abu Dhabi, completing first zero-fuel flight around the world, July 26, 2016

IPCC sets it out yet again – got to change it all – UN’s IPCC latest report, pre-Paris 2015, reported by Guardian and Bill McKibben

JOIN THE MOVING PLANET – video of’s call to join the 9/24/11 global movement

JAMIE HENN WRAPS UP CLIMATE RIDE-CA 2011 – video interview

JA YOE – one fine way to find ourselves on this planet – Matt Galat, so good on pedal & picture, re-orients ourselves to mother earth in his round-the-globe tadpole solo

LET’S HELP – haitians hardest hit by hurricane matthew, death toll over 1,000. forwarding pax christi florida’s recommended helpers SAKALA, BEYOND BORDERS, QUIXOTE CENTER

LIMA CLIMATE DEAL A GOOD DEAL ? Vox writer Brad Plumer’s wrap-up article in full of Dec 11 ’14 Lima Peru Climate Conference.

MA BRINGS IT HOME – Katherine Bagley’s writes Inside Climate News on Florida’s scheduled first to go under ocean

MAN OF HIS WORD – Pope Francis recent movie’s official trailer, plus 4 separate videos taking up his 2015 climate change encyclical, 6/13/18

MANIFESTO TO SAVE PLANET EARTH – reviewing Penguin Book – Human Planet: How we created the Anthropocene. So go to Universal Basic Income ( UBI ) and Half-Earth !    6/7/18 BBC Science-Environment article

MA’S DAY – MY DAY 2016 – goings on for our close days – solar impulse flies to san francisco – withlacoochee bike ride – guardian brings us up to date

MA’S SCIENTISTS PUT IT TO US AGAIN – BBC reports IPCC finding severe global warming

MATTHEW COMING – ANYONE ELSE ? – 10/5/16 – horrible hurricane matthew runs up US east coast day after VP’s 2nd pres debate, w/o a word about the planet’s more-than-obvious issue. includes last wk’s grist article accounting small climate change topic in 5 historical pres debates

MELTDOWN – terror at the top of the world. Sabrina Shankman’s Inside Climate News excerpt of American Arctic tundra hikers evidence on-scene

MISTIQUE OF THE EARTH – ( ” want to connect with mother ? ” ) Thomas Berry’s vision for earth democracy in one of his last interviews, by Caroline Webb in Caducesus Magazine

MOMENT OF TRUTH IN THE CLIMATE FIGHT – Inside Climate News reporter Katherine Bagley’s extensive article on upcoming People’s Climate March, 9/8/14, reproduced in full here

MOTHER’S DAY COMIN UP – BE WITH HER ! – Paris + all over. Join 350-org in supporting our Paris Agreement ( before he says no, May 8, 2017 )

MYSTIC MAMA & TIME OF HEALING – Full-moon poem from Mystic Mama

NEW ZEALAND GRANTS RIVER RIGHTS OF PERSONHOOD – Why not ? More alive than corporations ! Reprint of Stephen Messenger article in TreeHugger

NEXT WEEK ROZ WILL HAVE DONE IT AGAIN – Rae Tyson interviews Roz Savage in The Daily Climate – “The Rower: Saving the Oceans one Lonely Oar-Stroke at a Time”

OH CANADA – how could you ?  Canada first nation to pull out of Kyoto Protocol – David Ljunggren’s Reuters article “Canada’s Kyoto withdrawal began when Bush bolted”

ONCE WE GO UNDER, SCOTTOP – what then should we call it ? Florida Price Tag For A Warming Planet – National Geographic cover article, Feb 2015

OUR MELTING, SHIFTING, LIQUID WORLD – 21 poems of climate change texted and read by actor celebrities via The Guardian as #3 of shemovesme 1/6/18 let’s do restart.

PANAMA’S INDIGENOUS USING DRONES TO SAVE THEIR RAINFOREST – by David Iaconangelo, Christian Science Monitor, 6/11/16

PARIS CONFERENCE INTRO – 11/26/15 – together at last; host tells us what’s up – agence france-presse

PARIS DISPATCH 1, 12/1/15keep it in the ground from Adam Vaughan, Editor, The

PARIS DISPATCH 2, 12/1/15keep it in the ground from John Vidal, Environmental Editor, The Guardian

PARIS DISPATCH 3, 12/3/15keep it in the ground from Lenore Taylor, Political Editor, Guardian Australia

PARIS DISPATCH 4, 12/4/15keep it in the ground from Lenore Taylor

PARIS DISPATCH 5, 12/8/15keep it in the ground from Emma Howard of Guardian team in Paris

PARIS DISPATCH 6, 12/10/15 keep it in the ground from John Vidal

PARIS DISPATCH 7, 12/11/15keep it in the ground from James Randerson

PARIS DISPATCH FINAL – paris merci ! – 12/15/15 from Adam Vaughan

PARIS  FINALIZED IN THE STREETS about time 12/13/15 –

PARIS NEXT STEPS – paris j’espere ! – 12/15/15 – youtube video

PEOPLE’S CLIMATE MARCH NYC, SEP 20-21 2014 –  Save the date. This time, for us all



POPE FRANCIS CONVENES WORLD’S MAYORS TO DISCUSS GLOBAL WARMING – High up, taking needed stand at last. Link to 7/19/15 article

RECORD HEAT UNLIKELY TO COOL CLIMATE CHANGE DEBATE – Reprint of Stephanie Pappas article in LiveScience Blog

RIO + 20: THE FUTURE WE WANT – 1 min official video of world conference on environment

SEVAS / CRP global climate presentation – my first in climate reality leadership corps. southeast volusia audubon society, new smyrna beach FL, 12/8/16

SHE MOVES US !! – video reviewing’s 9/24/11 worldwide event

SISTER JAY & MOTHER – Jeanne Rucquoi’s article on her CA desert earth-dome housing project


THE ROAD FORWARD from climate reality project, 12/2/16. paris agreement + what’s next

THREE LITTLE MAIDS – Roz Savage, Gaia Vince, Sara Wheeler

TIM DE CHRISTOPHER – Earth Hero. Reprint of Nick Magel’s Earth Blog

TIME TO ACTUALLY LISTEN – To Native Americans, after 525 years. Bill McKibben’s article in Grist online, 8/22/16

TIME’S UP MR PREZ – Orlando’s participation in national campaign opposing Keystone XL pipeline, come State Dept’s 2014 final no-hazard assessment

TINY COUNTRY FIJI’S BIG PLAN TO FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE – Where are we ? – Where do we want to go ? – So, how do we get there ?   Grist online, 5/7/2018

TOGETHER AT LAST, HOST TELLS US WHAT’S UP – Paris climate summit: huge stakes, deep divides from Agence France-Presse, 11/22/15

TOGETHER WITH EARTHcoming back after losing touch. Whole issue for mother earth – Spring 2015 YES Magazine. Dominican SIsters’ Genesis Farm per Thomas Berry; 7 Ways We’re Fixing the Damage; Wendell Berry – Start Simply & Close to Home; David Korten – Story to Replace The Gospel of Money; Fight For Life – Deep in the Amazon; and more . . .

TONIGHT ! – official video, Earth Hour 2012

TWENTY FOUR HOURS OF REALITY – Video for Al Gore’s  9/24/11 worldwide event on the truth of climate crisis

UN’S CALLING – email from UN Foundation updating UN’s IPCC assessment of climate change

UN INTERGOVERNMENTAL PANEL ON CLIMATE CHANGE, 10/8/18 – Only 12 years left to limit climate change catastrophe, says IPCC, beyond which even a half degree will significantly worsen risks of drought, floods, extreme heat and poverty for hundreds millions of people. – by Jonathan Watts, Global Environmental Editor, The Guardian

WE CAN DO IT ! – Ok, yes, sure can improve our earth, even if have to go to something far down as the last true war !  -by Paul Gilding, Post Carbon Institute, Sept 24, 2018

WE CAN DO THIS THING – New southwest factories to make advanced solar panels. NY Times Greenwire article by Anne C. Mulkern

WE’RE DOOMED. NOW WHAT ? – Roy Scranton’s book essays on war & climate change. OK, now that it’s coming, now what ?? Publishers Weekly 5/31/2018

WEEKEND UNDER VIEW – ” ma’s watching ” – photo of her agent in our yard, posted weekend of 2015 Paris Climate Conference

WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD ! – happy birthday louis armstrong

WINGED WARNINGS – birds are in trouble, Environmental Health News article by Alanna Mitchell

WORST HUMANITARIAN DISASTER IN THE WORLD – 10m people on the move in horn of africa – Aljazeera Magazine article by Nazanine Moshiri

1. fossils are plunging – our up & out chance – kick oil while its price is down ( Naomi Klein )
2. and like we took off to the moon, let’s spend it again, this time on our very planet
3. and let’s not forget the grandest upcoming party


sure would like to hear your thoughts . . .

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