losing our fighting color ?

Restore it with FIERCE GREEN FIRE


best recap of american care for our mother
from john muir on up to climate change

peace is when time doesn’t matter

as it passes by

~ maria schell


sierra club daily day of hope for june 25, 2013
photo by benjamin davison, indian rocks beach, florida

who dwell among earth’s beauties & mysteries

are never alone or weary of life

~ rachel carson

yosemite national park, CA on sierra club’s daily ray of hope
photographer david cross, nevada city, CA

thank you, fellow committed earthlings all

Forward on climate, 2/17/13 DC rally

airborne over climateride california

On occasion of today’s major DC climate change rally

perfect timing at last – hill’s new climate bill

Check the weather – just in time for sunday’s rally, from senators bernie sanders and barbara boxer . . .

backed by sierra club’s mike brune and 350.org’s bill mckibben . . .

a human community living in a mutually beneficial relation
with surrounding earth is a community living in truth

THOMAS BERRY, THE SACRED UNIVERSE, kindle ipad loc 1724/2110

ok, mr president, you did say FORWARD!

You too, mr blogger. ( do wish i could . . . )