true it is – beauty’s all her . . .

she move me, yes she does
tho now, going somewhere else
we are moving her . . .


yes, time it is to come back home
( do try listening, you gov-so-called )
just ahead for us all, better-be-living
. . . move me more, does she ever !

let’s engage in rise for climate
global action day
local sanford FL rally – sep 8, 2018
details here

manifesto to save us

. . . and our planet !

( this article’s close to home
after taking it in, do have a look below
per howcome-here  )

yes, this is a matter of our next taking our next big step

here at my own personal age way above where i’ve been
now very clear to me how success was that far away
no matter all that formal education & work
basic problem keeping me short -but no, not this dumb !

accordingly here, something like national dyslexia seems reducing us
just now past-world leader USA resembles post WW-II ex-world United Kingdom
but thanks to them now, positive side’s taking place of formal old habits
yes, national UK dyslexia for years showing advanced planet creativity !

thanks, bros
we’ll be getting there !!

now that it’s coming . . .

. . . ok, now what ??

go big this small

not just government reps, big govs at that
. . . no, ASK EVERYONE –

where are we ?
where do we want to go ?
so, how do we get there ?

begun to take in own future

. . . cousin just left
so how can we who are leaving help our ahead folks ???

breaking happens, good & bad

sorry, shemovesme bros & sisters
again been awhile, words not coming too easy

ok, forget-yrs all my own sure are catching up
but these site pdfs having problems all their own

so, better & better ma’s own breaking mornings
they bring back wifeling from her late surgeries

best to start another new morning here too
yes, let’s all do get going again

ok, let’s do restart !

sorry, now two months later
full of stuffy things close to home
not to mention whatabout-my-country ?

weather today worse than ever
even if for a change colder-vs-hotter
plus personal, plus national age issues

so let’s start our new year up
per MA talking this up-close
. . . 3 beauties recently here on my screen . . .

1. david attenborough’s latest planet earth II, per the guardian’s

never seen nature so beautifully done !


2. then, just coming to me from six years ago
blessed cousins of ours
contributing much more than their honey
plus here’s plenty in their crisis


3. ” our melting, shifting, liquid world “
21 poems of climate change read by actor celebrities

the guardian’s 2 yr+ online article