hidden miracles of the natural world -and our own

One more meeting of art & science
one beautiful TED show & tell
filmmaker louie schwartzberg

ma @ shoreline

gorgeous meditation on our own front yard
from idaho public television, just under ½-hour

few words
quiet & refined, engaging often limitless visuals
all moved by notes from the heart

as long as there’s been an earth & sea
there has been this place
meeting of land & water in every grain of sand

swing open life


enter our national church
our forefathers and ken burns and pen-&-lens prelates @ the altar

one soaring netflix cathedral
enfolding this couple in prayer past three days

dear reader, pretty sure you’ve already had a look
since its PBS appearance eight yrs ago

pretty much a first for wifeling & me
since pulling the plug on tv around then

this preview goes to ½-hr
fine overview tho no sub for the six episodes

delicious mix of episode cuts & staff comments
still best to get lost in a full episode, esp last two

goes way beyond our many mean issues, even those soaring peaks
who we humans are – what most we stand for – ma earth’s deep connect

one maj work of art for eye – ear – and heart
how to thank you ken & crew for this work of a golden decade . . .


dynamic earth

NASA winner of NSF’s 2013 intn’l science & engineering visualization challenge


liam neeson, tell it like it is !

ma’s merry xmas – fierce light

What true beauty lit up our christmas screen !
as if thru paul hawken’s own dual lens

down-to-earth moving + transcendent uplifting
in-your-face activism + true spirituality

all about reality connecting in peace & joy
have a look – and let’s do keep in touch – all of us

fierce light – another movie must-see

losing our fighting color ?

Restore it with FIERCE GREEN FIRE


best recap of american care for our mother
from john muir on up to climate change

a fierce green fire

Long smoldering environmental movement heats up

read EARTH BEAT INTERVIEW with writer-producer-director mark kitchell in current edition of sierra club’s sierra magazine

check out too alternet environment writer scott thill’s 2/25/13 ARTICLE

seeds of freedom -or insanity

Stop! take the 30-min to tune into this vital look at the story of seeds from GAIA FOUNDATION and AFRICAN BIODIVERSITY NETWORK, narrated by jeremy irons . . .

( be sure to watch in full-screen. click on expand arrows between “HD” and “vimeo”, lower right corner of video window )

check the site SEEDS OF FREEDOM

The nonhuman world was seen as a collection of objects to be exploited not as subjects to be communed with. We have continued this exploitation in these past four centuries with such passion that the devastation has flowed over into the larger dimensions of the planet, and now we are at a planetwide impasse as regards human consumption and Earth limits. These two are on a collision course. ( thomas berry’s THE SACRED UNIVERSE: EARTH, SPIRITUALITY AND RELIGION IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY, ipad kindle loc 1572/2110 )

from shattering earth mother warning . . .

This moving invitation to all the Americas -south, central, north- from the indigenous kogi people of colombia’s sierra nevada de santa marta, on this special calendar date of 12/12/12.

close by mother-in-full

( gift from amparo -my special gang-of-six colombian friend, i pass along this special invitation to you, dear blog reader, as my own pagamento in our mirroring internet firmament )

We Mamos ( shamans ) of the Kogi people invite you to sow Anugwe with us in Mother Earth (Seynekan), and deeply in our very selves too. It is our pagamento ( offering ) to her.

Anugwe cannot be maintained if it is not accompanied by commensurate behavior on our part. The spirituality that reigns in our Mother impregnates us and is tinged in turn by our own actions.

Plants or animals are not the ones that distort that spirituality, because they follow her naturally. We can too through our coherence, our unconditional love, our adherence to the word, our intentions, and our attitudes. When we sow the Anugwe in Mother Earth we harmonize with her, express our inner love -the unconditional one, the one that respects her laws of nature.

We align mind, soul, and inner self. We take an amethyst stone in one hand and an ambar stone in the other. We invoke Arwaviku, Father of Intuition; I’narwa, Father of Food; Sokakurwa, Father of Plants & Animals; and Geinigeka, Father of Energy and Spiritual Strength -present altogether in Kankurwa, our cosmic universal temple.

We ask these spiritual masters to cleanse and harmonize the energies of Mother Earth in the four directions, the four colors, the four elements, and the four essences of being- physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

We invite you to follow this our Mamos ritual with us. Or prepare your own pagamento for Mother Earth using fruits, seeds, flowers, and / or personal belongings of your own choosing. During your meditation, keep that pagamento close. After the ceremony, sow it in the ground -your very own Anugwe– where it can remind you of the presence of Mother Earth- her harmony and her unconditional love.

watch BBC’s 1990 one-&-a-half hour from the heart of the world – the elder brothers warning, a deeply meditative consideration of kogi earth-wisdom.

Now we find ourselves in a period of the greatest disturbance that the Earth has ever known, a period when survival of both the human and natural worlds in their present modes of being is threatened. The identification of our human fate with the destiny of the planet was never more clear. . … Now a new sequence of liturgical celebrations is needed. Even more than moments of seasonal renewal, these moments of cosmic transformation must be considered sacred. … First among these celebrations might be a celebration of the emergent moment of the universe itself. This was the beginning of religion just as it was the beginning of the world. The human mind and all its spiritual capacities began with this moment. ( ipad kindle loc 1477/2110 in thomas berry’s THE SACRED UNIVERSE: EARTH, SPIRITUALITY, AND RELIGION IN THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY )

transition culture’s top ten films

Terrific narrated filmed reviews of where we’re coming from, where we need to be going. check each out in order on TRANSITION CULTURE’S UK SITE: 6 abbrev trailers, 2 5-6 min trailers, a 35-min animated film, and yet one more fine BBC documentary on living with Mother ( 50-min ).

but first, promised word on-topic from favorite commentator THOMAS BERRY

The story of the Western world is the story of how the peoples whose culture took shape through the religious inspiration of the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, the humanism of the Greek world, the political-legal genius of the Romans, and a brilliant medieval period became so entranced with a secular, scientific, industrial civilization serving limited human needs that it was willing to devastate the entire planet for the immediate benefits received ( by the few ). Their assault upon the Earth has been so violent in modern times, both to its geological structures and its living species, that we ( now ) face a tremendous crisis . . . This new situation is so inherent in cultural structures that it seems to be the inevitable consequence of ( those very ) religious, political, educational, ethical, and economic establishments of Western peoples. ( ipad kindle loc 1686/2110 of thomas berry’s THE SACRED UNIVERSE: EARTH, SPIRITUALITY, AND RELIGION IN THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY )

here’s rob hopkins’ own review of his transition network’s chosen top ten films.

click on embedded trailers & films directly @ TRANSITION CULTURE’S SITE

here is my own favorite, their #2 selection, naturalist filmmaker / farmer rebecca hosking’s deeply honest, probe into her own farm of the future.