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Mark Hertsgaard and the Climate Cranks from Mark Hertsgaard on Vimeo.

As I near the end of this book, I still find it hard to reconcile the joy that is Chiara with the climate disasters that loom before her. The older she gets, the closer those disasters come. The relentless momentum of the climate system assures as much, and the glacial pace of the human response to date only adds to my foreboding. I look at Chiara, at her cheerful countenance, her mischievous eyes, her blond locks, and there is a disconnect. Despite all the research I’ve done on climate change, I still can’t fully take in that this innocent creature, and millions more like her around the world, will have to suffer because grownups insisted on making foolish choices. In my father’s heart, I think there must be a way to stop this movie before it gets to what Chiara would call “the scary part.” But my journalist’s brain knows the truth: at this point, there’s no avoiding the scary part; our only hope is to prepare for it as best we can.           ( p 212 )

and so it is, mark, that you step aside from day-to-day journalism to address something that bothers you deeply, at the level of your little daughter’s future, focused & personal. and so, with HOT, i too am finally brought face to face with a subject that doesn’t go away, that refuses to accept its all but officially sanctioned lot of last place issue-of-the-day.

my first full-length treatment of the subject: truly a wide-eye opener! as expected of any journalist able to fill the bill, a rare enough accomplishment these days, the work’s packed with vital facts and thoughtful insights while all along progressing smoothly, an accessible read easy on the eye. you neither minimize an intricate subject nor in any way inflate your understanding of it. i’m happy to admit that yours, mark, has been one savored text for this barely initiated earthling undertaking at last his pre-req, climate change 101.

i’m especially grateful for your clear distinction up-front of proposed solutions -those mitigating the effects of climate change vs those addressing our adapting to a climate and environment already, irreversibly changed. and how at this late date we need to get on with realizing both of them.

there’s so much i’d like to say about your book, mark, so many places you go, so many people you talk to, such models you uncover, what some in particular are doing across the country to prepare their communities for planetary catastrophe, so many points that need to be made. but then they’re for you to make to future readers, not me, not here. can i leave them with these choice quotes, the way you do ? . . .

“We have one question for the political leaders of the world,” Kumi Naidoo, the international executive director of Greenpeace International, said at the huge climate rally held in Copenhagen halfway through the summit. “If you can find not millions, not billions, but trillions of dollars to bail out the banks, the bankers, and their bonuses, how is it that your cannot find the money to bail out the planet, the poor, and our children?” ( p 287 )

“Being a good ancestor,” said ( San Francisco based NGO Global Exchange co-founder, Kevin ) Danaher, “means getting involved in all aspects of building a greener world: political engagement, grassroots economics, personal change.” I would add that it also means starting right away. We don’t know everything necessary to avoid the unmanageable and manage the unavoidable of climate change, but we don’t have to. As Ron Sims commented about his own efforts in King County, our job is to begin, do the best we can, and trust others to carry on after our work is done. This was the guiding principle of the Renaissance geniuses who designed the Duomo, Danaher pointed out. They deliberately built the cathedral with a hole in the ceiling awaiting the construction of a dome that was not yet technologically feasible. “The confidence of the Renaissance era was so great that they knew someone would come up with a way to engineer the dome, and the architect Philippo Brunelleschi did it,” marveled Danaher, who added, “Regarding our environmental situation on this little blue marble, I believe a certain percentage of humanity will survive the coming collapse, and it will be the local, sustainable green economy that will be the base of that survival. If we can get the foundations ( of that economy ) right, future generations will figure out how to put the dome in place.”              ( p 291 )


a beautiful work

adele & i just saw it
what a piece!
see that little circle in the lower left?
it’s where people concerns match up w/ mother’s
it’s also how mark h. laid it out in HOT
as in can’t have the one w/o the other
for me it’s where art, mother, and love come together
the people all genuine & stunning
if you haven’t already, do have a look
you won’t be sorry

today’s email to get me started

thanks weezie
so good to catch up w/ you 
before you take off for blessed yankee climes

making a note of NATURAL CAPITALISM
there’s so much to learn
fyi, here’s the bunch i’m reading at the moment

w/ any knack for names & titles i might’ve even said so yesterday
as it is i have to rely on always useful printed word
and that’s exactly what i want to do in MY NEW BLOG

they’re all hot off the press, so-to-speak
except of course for carson’s 
and the later eye opener from nasa’s hansen 
here’s the rundown straight off my ipad’s bookshelf! . . .

environmentalist’s learned, poetic account of life under his nose on the long isle sound, month-by-month, and too, what’s going on at both poles

bill mc kibben, EAARTH
from the founder of worldwide consciousness raising 350.ORG, telling it like it is, starting with naming this new planet we find ourselves on, no holds barred, not w/o adding what we can do, beginning w/ simply growing up.

written w/ his young daughter in mind, what kind of planet she’s about to inherit. points to great examples of local current initiatives by counties & cities on both coasts, helps me understand from the start distinction bet long range mitigation and these adaptation (survival) choices now close at hand.

sara wheeler, MAGNETIC NORTH
gutsy journalist’s account of how people, flora, and fauna are faring in places where global warming is fully underway, goes to live w/ the inuit to experience it for herself.

rachel carson, SILENT SPRING
everyone’s sure been talking about her early 60’s wakeup call; time at last to check it out for myself. someone said about her book, “yup she got us thinking about it alright, even to banning DDT, but not long after we must’ve figured we did all we had to, time enough to go back to those comfortable ways.”

from nasa whistle-blower credited with marking the start of undeniable global warming in the early 80’s

from his award-winning documentary in ’06 his call continues with OUR CHOICE, an ipad interactive app combining that planetary concern with his internet enthusiasm. most recently HIS ARTICLE IN ROLLING STONE criticizing the “climate of denial” and concurrent white house inaction.

a whole education, weezie, and just getting started. i have to hand it to all those pedaled miles of my climate rides; sure must’ve made their earthy point! and to you here & now for nudging me on THIS BLOG OF MINE. i’m convinced we all need to get the message out, those of us even half-awake; you wouldn’t believe all the denier articles i came across just now while googling al gore’s works. what the hell . . . ! 

hoping you and friend joanne find the links above profitable too

~ jim
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