barely keeping up

Dear SR

mind if i call you that?
so often sorry reader‘s appearing here, almost a month now
while following what’s going on faster than i can keep up with it here

you & i learning together
while doubtless you’re doing much more about it than me
why not tell me yourself right here?

and while all’s coming together in vital OCCUPY movement
at last
because mother earth’s trials are no different from our own

paul gilding makes that clear in his grand sweep
i still look for a slug of time to review his GREAT DISRUPTION
but can’t let this go meantime

because so much is coming to a head
for instance that notable date 11/11/11
when amy goodman had so much to say

unfortunately wordpress blog can’t handle her imbedded reports
so here’s her LINK to connect directly if you haven’t already
announcing the good news about long threatened keystone pipeline

just finished a smaller, older, still monumental work i just bumped into
man, nature, and climate change

know it? journalist from the new yorker and ny times
very clear writing, makes the science understandable
here’s an interview in GRIST from just after book’s publication

kolbert starts w/ a fine review of climate change history
then, like sarah & carl, moves subject & self right up to where it’s happening
live from swiftly melting alaska and greenland

especially moving is her chapter on the fall of king akkad’s ancient empire
recalling the by now well known fate of mayans and easter islanders
and too her concluding in the anthropocene: the numbers will blow you away!

gotta go now
would you help me keep up?
drop me a line here: i know you’re there!