the view from lazy point . . .

. . . A natural year in an unnatural world

when i consider what’s happening to our planet
i’m left mostly powerless: what the hell can i do?

the one that runs right under his nose
to begin with it aint the whole planet that tugs at me
what’s going on right here?

lazy point, long island

right here happens to be just this side of a sand dune
on long island’s north shore close to its remote tip
what he sees there is a world of life & change

and from that windswept hermitage he takes it all in
month by month, truth by truth
little chance for what the rest of us call reality

the man knows his wildlife friends, how they’re called
where they’re coming from, where headed
season by season, migration by migration

tapestry of movement & struggle
gurgling seabrook, moody skysong, life as lived
as only cousins on the wing can tell it

seen this close up, yes mother earth’s pure poem
carl’s writing does the moment justice throughout
listen . . .

Fishing in a place is a meditation on the rhythm of a tide, a season, the arc of a year, and the seasons of a life. The more repetitive, the better, because the experience is like a wheel that – by going around and around as though doing the same thing – continually covers new ground, bringing you to a very different place.  (p 112)

if those meditations of the life pulsing around him were all he wrote
those alone would make reading THE VIEW worth the reflection
but that peace & clarity bring him much farther

we stand to lose it all . . .

When it would have mattered, no one ever said, “Thou shall not pollute.” Now that it’s an issue, our wisdom traditions, and our economic system, lack adequate moral language to address it and the ethical consensus to deal with it. And because we’re not really in control of the vehicle we’re driving, the world is entering a truly new time.”  (p 79)

my ipad’s colored yellow w/ carl’s lessons to be learned
so again, if those lessons were all he wrote
those would make the book definitely worth the reading

in the end carl’s book is nothing less than spiritual revelation
his long windup to the final page bringing such tears of recognition
i had to run next door, read it fresh to adele

here is life pulsing at its most authentic & cosmic
the way the most gifted if not outright holiest of our mystics see it
the way teillard de chardin saw it himself  ( PHENOMENON OF MAN )

listen again . . .

We are self-assembled stardust aware of the universe and the future. Energy that had been headed across the eternal, infinite vacuum of space is at this moment running the thought machine that is the breathing you. We are one knot in a great web of being, building out of the vast past and ( with luck ) continuing billions of years into the future, until the sun dies, the last of its energy reaches Earth, and our local light goes out. The most appropriate response to the world is to realize, with awe, the ferocious mystery of being alive in it. And act accordingly. The worst thing anyone should be able to say about their life is also the greatest thing anyone can say: “I tried my best”.  (p  358)

lazy point long island / photo by mira alamy / national geographic traveler


today’s email to get me started

thanks weezie
so good to catch up w/ you 
before you take off for blessed yankee climes

making a note of NATURAL CAPITALISM
there’s so much to learn
fyi, here’s the bunch i’m reading at the moment

w/ any knack for names & titles i might’ve even said so yesterday
as it is i have to rely on always useful printed word
and that’s exactly what i want to do in MY NEW BLOG

they’re all hot off the press, so-to-speak
except of course for carson’s 
and the later eye opener from nasa’s hansen 
here’s the rundown straight off my ipad’s bookshelf! . . .

environmentalist’s learned, poetic account of life under his nose on the long isle sound, month-by-month, and too, what’s going on at both poles

bill mc kibben, EAARTH
from the founder of worldwide consciousness raising 350.ORG, telling it like it is, starting with naming this new planet we find ourselves on, no holds barred, not w/o adding what we can do, beginning w/ simply growing up.

written w/ his young daughter in mind, what kind of planet she’s about to inherit. points to great examples of local current initiatives by counties & cities on both coasts, helps me understand from the start distinction bet long range mitigation and these adaptation (survival) choices now close at hand.

sara wheeler, MAGNETIC NORTH
gutsy journalist’s account of how people, flora, and fauna are faring in places where global warming is fully underway, goes to live w/ the inuit to experience it for herself.

rachel carson, SILENT SPRING
everyone’s sure been talking about her early 60’s wakeup call; time at last to check it out for myself. someone said about her book, “yup she got us thinking about it alright, even to banning DDT, but not long after we must’ve figured we did all we had to, time enough to go back to those comfortable ways.”

from nasa whistle-blower credited with marking the start of undeniable global warming in the early 80’s

from his award-winning documentary in ’06 his call continues with OUR CHOICE, an ipad interactive app combining that planetary concern with his internet enthusiasm. most recently HIS ARTICLE IN ROLLING STONE criticizing the “climate of denial” and concurrent white house inaction.

a whole education, weezie, and just getting started. i have to hand it to all those pedaled miles of my climate rides; sure must’ve made their earthy point! and to you here & now for nudging me on THIS BLOG OF MINE. i’m convinced we all need to get the message out, those of us even half-awake; you wouldn’t believe all the denier articles i came across just now while googling al gore’s works. what the hell . . . ! 

hoping you and friend joanne find the links above profitable too

~ jim
too hot to handle?
suppose it’s time to turn down the fire?

yo mom, you know how hard it is for me to say sorry

so maybe we should talk, right here on the page. i am having a bit of trouble getting started. seems like such a big deal. and i suppose it is. but what else can i do? and time is running out -for us your children, certainly for me. ( someone recently suggested not for you, that you’ll be around long after we’re gone. well ok, but you won’t look or act anything like the mother we know )

yes, i want to start with those readings. they have so opened my eyes over these past few months. tell you the truth, i was all set to start right off with carl safina’s wonderful VIEW FROM LAZY POINT that still has me rapt in its pages, until i read this yesterday from another faithful son, your shining knight, sir al. what better way to begin my blog