happy new year

Hello readers – let’s get personal . . .

yup that’s me as the new year opened
wheels, yes. epic path ? maybe, maybe not
i’ll tell you the story
first, good 2014 to you all – been awhile !

and this – as of today CLIMATE RIDE‘s back on calendar for 2016 !!
NY to DC one more time – action begets healing
following a year of recovery – another to get back on feet, afterwards pedals
then, age at 78, hobbling months of rheum arthritis well behind, ready for action

yup, ma’s past year’s been something less than applaudable too
both poles disappearing – us here amidships freezing & sweating both
finding ourselves ever closer to one strange, lost planet
o my, is it ever time for all our healing !

so here’s my story – foot surgery in 2 ops for new ankle joint
off foot well into the new year – knee scooter of all things
maybe i can make something of it – joining hands & feet
ma’s healing & mine

because more & more do i hear her
where’re you in all this ? – perhaps time to engage again ?
back to straight action – miles from these rounds of talk

ma’s right – ease up on the blah-blah

because truth is, am so deeply implicated myself
wrapped in renovated old world charm here in sanford FL
vs home of minimal eco-footprint
while still getting around gulping costly fossfuel

there’s more – as if in shudder punctuation
here’s wifeling & me relieved of prized roadbikes 4th time in 2 yrs
stolen in broad daylight – bringing us back to square one
how next to be with you, ma ?


yup, me again – testing out first recumbent
tuned-in tadpole – timely trike – unburdened bike
last free day before left foot’s taken off the road
2 months ago the dream is launched – yes, i can do this thing !

CLIMATERIDE.ORG – look what it’s doing for our planet
ma won’t let me forget what it’s done for me – oldest rider 2x
meantime all my learning here – ma, i think i’m gett’n it . . .

as i come apart, thanx to you
even if you do regret what you’re seeing all around you
still at it day-to-day as if all by yourself
here’s you hobbling off to your own destruction

better get it together soon, beloved sons & daughters
figure out how to live here all over again
or all of you too are bound for what’s looking more & more like
your mother’s own sad destination



sure would like to hear your thoughts . . .

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