on a personal note . . .

Heading out tomorrow on a retreat nuzzling up to Mother
led by legendary environmental mover / activist, sister paula gonzalez
our gang at PAX CHRISTI FLORIDA is putting it on; check for details

preparing meditations for sun morning
came across the work of another blogging bro, one super site

and if, like me, you glory in flying, TAKE A LOOK AT THIS
getting close to completing my virtual round-the-world saga in a sailplane

movie must-see . . .

Ever wonder what’ll be left once you admit, really take in, life’s turning point that we’re just now passing?
this movie won’t let you alone
OBSELIDIA, a made-up word frighteningly close to an oncoming truth . . .

another movie must-see . . .

Robert Kennedy Jr, with a lifetime of environmental protection, takes on Massey Coal in West VA.
here is one powerful, if last-minute, bid for Mother