moving faster -where?

Dear reader

been awhile
looks like gonna be another
before we step aside again
with words to look mother in the eye

one word pops out today
and i’ll say it: swarm
how can i decry what’s goin on in dc
or closer: what’s not

when i’m no better
i’m carried away too
in this swarm of activity
passing for life on planet earth

got a house to sell
place i hate to lose
scrubbing down for next occupant
performing my grief yet again

last weekend’s workshop leaves me
with a mountain of video to edit and
i gotta prep for next weekend’s show
pix ahead to print & mount

thought i’d let you know
what ant’s alone here?
yeah, i gotta live here too
( oh-oh less & less like once i was )

i’m weeks behind another fine read
paul gilding’s GREAT DISRUPTION
talk about out from the swarm!
it rattles plenty to get off my chest

Wbound on lake monroe bikeloop

meantime to keep timely in touch
won’t you accept last week’s glimpse
off the pedals, my backyard lake loop
one more generous smile from ma

i ride now towards bro sun
‘stead of away from his swelter
missing those bests-of-the-day
these sudden cool mornings

i’ll be back . . .