three little maids


oh oh, showing my crusty years again
still, when’d you last bump into a gal
like gaia, or roz, or sara
so fiercely packed with LIFE?

started with roz
met her last yr on climateride calif
relaxing on her pedals having first
rowed across pacific & atlantic oceans

roz savage

what began as challenge & allure of the sea
led her to drifting continents of floating trash
and a mission
warning us of our um  . . . carelessness

couple of months ago
sara’s book leapt right off the pages
plopped me onto the floes
drove the slanting rime right into my face

sara wheeler

didn’t take long to get the pic
climate change up close
where already underway
first off & full force

and how could i miss
young’un taking for her own
very mythical handle
of life giving mother planet

funny thing: was led to this gaia
googling an old site of my own
these 800 days of hers all off-screen -imagine

a first hand account: the people,
the critters, the climes all
like sara’s own up close & personal
for the rest of us

thanks ladies
sure beats this oft less than close caring
so much of my warrior kind seems sold on
some of us are takin notes!


sure would like to hear your thoughts . . .

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