just who’s convincing who of climate change ?

so much screeching climate change denial
everywhere you turn. what a racket!
i’ve a theory: thou protestest too much!

i mean hasn’t that always told us?
clearly it’s gone beyond what can be expected
even if not always what’s done in polite company

i mean who needs to protect their turf
with that kind of bang?
it just don’t fit

on the other hand suppose these outspoken corp caretakers of ours
were more convinced even than we ourselves
of what’s just around the corner?

would it not pay to whip us up this way?
long as they got that handle on news outlets anyway
yeah, tell ’em the whole thing’s a put-up job

yeah, people you need to go ’bout your business
don’t be afraid. nothing’s gonna harm you
don’t listen to them ( _______ fill-in-the-blank ) intellectuals

could you believe it?
this from the very manipulators
who swung the national ethos to fever fear pitch

i can
and i can just as well make out that same little gang of hi livin folk
even more scared than the rest of us. so between assurances . . .

you kiddin? wait till all the trees are gone??
not before we make sure all the firewood’s in our hands
we damn well will see to it we lock up what’s left!


sure would like to hear your thoughts . . .

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