stop wars, stop the war on mother earth


Beautifully done by peace & justice hub of upcoming people’s climate march
wars on ma & one another must stop Stop-WarsFS

We are at a crossroads, faced with a climate crisis that threatens to end our world as we know it.

The signs of climate change are all around us. They include—increasingly severe weather everywhere (floods, heat waves, droughts, cyclones and wildfires), as well as melting polar ice and glaciers, rising acidic oceans, and thawing of the Siberian permafrost, which threatens release of huge, devastating, methane gas emissions.

If we pursue business as usual we face a world of food shortages caused by drought, increasing disease and deaths, and displacement from vast areas of flooded and uninhabitable terrain. We must do all in our power to stop greenhouse gas emissions, counteract the effects, and prevent the increase of global warming.

Stop the War on Mother EarthBut the developing climate emergency does not exist in isolation. And we must understand and confront the social and economic context that produced and accompanies it: war and unlimited military expenditures, corporate globalization, vast social inequality and racism.

* The US military is the single greatest institutional producer of greenhouse gases in the world.

* Wars by their very nature destroy the environment and burn and release massive amounts of greenhouse gases. Recent military mobilizations are pouring huge amounts of new carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

* The vast expenditures now consumed by military machines are the very resources needed for a crash program to rapidly create a renewable energy infrastructure and put millions of people to work in green jobs.

* Wars and military buildup are in large part dedicated to controlling the fossil fuel energy resources on which our present model of global economic development and endless growth depend. Resort to armed conflict is increasing as fossil fuels become more expensive and difficult to extract, transport and produce.

* Nuclear weapons, like climate change, threaten to destroy the world. There are nine nuclear-armed nations and estimated 16,400 nuclear weapons in the world. With ten wars and 34 limited conflicts now occurring, the chance of any one of them escalating to nuclear war and its unthinkable human and environmental impact is an ever-present specter. Nuclear power is not a green alternative energy. It produces large amounts of radioactive nuclear waste, poses the risk of catastrophic accidents, and contributes to the global proliferation of nuclear weapons.

* Corporate dominance and extreme social inequality are intrinsic to our expansionist global economic model.

* The UN Millennium Development Goals in conjunction with other forces have begun to lift the poorest billion of humanity out of extreme poverty. The damage now coming as a result of climate change threatens to erase and even reverse whatever progress has been made.

* The people most affected by climate change are those with the fewest resources to deal with it. With increasing environmental destruction, droughts, floods, and famine, there will be massive displacement of impoverished and desperate people leading to forced migration and regional hostilities. Within the U.S., the people most affected include the poor, those in prison or nursing homes, the disabled and others who don’t have the freedom or ability to leave when disaster threatens or strikes.

* Two examples of long-term-drought-induced Climate Wars are the tragedies in Somalia and Syria. In the latter case, a five-year drought was one of the contributors to an ongoing civil war. Somalia has been at war for twenty years, and that conflict has also embroiled neighboring Kenya and Ethiopia.

* Rather than taking emergency measures to address climate change and the needs of those impacted now, our military is preparing to control these displacements to protect “US interests”.

We who have opposed the toxic, polluting, life- and earth-destroying wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the existential threat of nuclear weapons are in total support of the People’s Climate March and its vision of a world without fossil fuels and the fires of war. We will march, we will demand divestment and fight denial, we will battle the pollution of Big Money, and we will join in demanding that the Obama administration step forward to achieve a 2015 global treaty to phase out greenhouse gas emissions.

We call on all who want to preserve our planet to join the People’s Climate March in New York City on September 21st and to form a Stop the Wars, Stop the Warming Contingent. We are organizing under the following principles:

* We can’t effectively address climate change without ending war and militarism;

* We can’t end war without ending the fossil fuel energy system;

* We can’t address social injustice unless we stop using war to safeguard an economic infrastructure (based on fossil fuels) that produces and requires vast social inequality.

* We can’t end war unless we address the systemic inequality and corporate domination that requires and produces it.

* We must insist that the transition to a sustainable economy and green jobs not be accomplished at the expense of those now employed in the fossil fuel and military sectors and the communities in which they work and live. Energy and armament corporations should bear the lion’s share of the social cost to make that transition a just one.

We call on our government to -

* Undertake an emergency program to make all our cities energy efficient and to create a new energy grid based on renewable energy sources.

* End federal subsidies for the fossil fuel industries—coal, gas, oil and industrial biomass

* End the 2005 “Cheney exemption” to the Clean Water Act for gas hydraulic fracking, which threatens clean water supplies to people in some 23 states. Strictly enforce the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts of 1970 in all energy production.

* Stop building new fossil fuel infrastructure, including the Keystone pipeline project, and rapidly end fracking projects and the awarding of any new offshore drilling contracts.

* Build a carbon-free, nuclear-free energy future and end subsidies for nuclear power. Implement a financial transaction tax to fund the new solar, wind, hydro, and efficiency programs we need globally and to help clean up the toxic mess of fossil and nuclear destruction.

* Join with all nuclear powers to abide by their treaty commitments and to move quickly toward mutual abolition of all nuclear weapons as required by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

* Re-direct military spending to the creation of millions of green jobs and to research and develop a rapid but just transition from fossil fuels to non-polluting energy sources.

* Stop the military protection of fossil fuel interests in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

* Bring all our troops home now from Afghanistan and Iraq, reject military attacks in Iraq, Syria and Iran, and use the billions saved to invest in energy efficient mass transit and other public infrastructure, schools, affordable housing and sustainable union-standard jobs.

* Redefine the mission of U.S. military forces as defense of the United States instead of achieving “Full Spectrum Dominance” in the service of global corporations, the fossil fuel industry, and the military industrial complex that President Eisenhower warned against, thereby also allowing closure of most of our 1,000 or more foreign military bases.

* Stop blocking the proposals for effective international action on climate change put forward by the Group of 77 and other developing countries, starting at the UN on September 23, 2014. All countries must do something, but the countries which are most responsible for carbon emissions have the larger responsibility to commit resources to achieve an 85% cut in greenhouse gases by 2050. The wealthier developed countries should provide $100 billion to an international fund for green industrial development in less developed countries.

We can’t afford the greenhouse gas emissions arising from the way we live and from war and preparation for war. And we can’t afford the climate of mistrust and non-cooperation that military threats and intervention foster.

To successfully avert worst-case climate disaster we will need international agreements and cooperation on a scale not seen in the past; we need new approaches in order to demilitarize US foreign policy and humanize domestic policy.

We believe that most Americans will welcome these positive changes. Working together, peace, climate and social justice activists can help make this happen.

We see September 21st as the coming together of the peace, climate and social justice movements and the beginning of a groundswell of public involvement in the creation of a more peaceful, sustainable and just world.


Issued by the Peace and Justice Hub of the People’s Climate March

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lovelace started it – whoever else w/ that label
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i’ll be a scientist
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the big picture !
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ipad’s animate earth now so heavily underlined
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so where to start for now ?
stephan’s close m/c does it best
foreword of eminent gaia scholar, lynn margulis . . .

I am reminded of the deep thinking of James Baldwin . . . himself disillusioned by the entrenched delusions and intolerant power structure . . . ‘ It’s hard to think of America as a culture . . . what it imagines itself to be is a collection of pragmatic, pious businessmen . . . nothing could be more sterile . . . sterile culture . . . contradiction in terms.’ It is ( that ) ‘stubborn, manic refusal to accept ‘ worldwide natural history that has promulgated the need, on a global scale, for the antidote of Harding’s Animate Earth . . . ( it ) should be translated into all the major languages of the world . . . Harding faces immense odds . . . in this realm of ‘ manic refusal ‘, this reductionist, mercantile world. I salute his valiant and mostly successful attempt to ‘ keep things whole ‘. At the end of this delightful narrative about the trials and tribulations on the Earth’s surface, you the reader will understand Gaia . . . ( she ) continues to smile: homo sapiens, she shrugs, soon will either change its wayward ways or, like other plagues species, will terminate with a whimper in the current scourge.

have a look at stephan’s final chapter thoughts . . .

. . . we come to realise that Gaia is beyond our control – that it is impossible for us to ever be the masters or stewards of the Earth . . . also, it is hubris to think that we are the only sentient creatures inhabiting Gaia’s ancient crumpled surface . . . slowly we realise that we owe our very existence to the complex planetary intelligence that has run our world without our input for the last 3,500 million years . . . Whether you like it or not, you are utterly part of Gaia, biologically, psychologically and spiritually. Our very bodies, our dreams, our creativity, our imagination all come from her, and in the end the matter that we are made of will return to her when our lives are done. Once you allow yourself to feel this deep belonging to Gaia, there is no question that what we are doing to her now is wrong, and that we have to do something about it . . . Let Gaia take you over – let yourself be Gaia’ed over and over again.

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