for my friends in the anthropocene . . .

reviews, reprints, observations graphic & otherwise
critical days on a singular planet  

yup, only one we got

1. let’s sit here . . .

it’s a start. today BILL MC KIBBEN RELAYED something like this,
once past much grieving about where we find ourselves on this all new eaarth . . 

ok, so i overdid it. but not to lose you; chucking it all now
to go gather wood for the last fires would be as bad as all this denying going on.
it’s up to us to be creative now, at last.
find a rock to sit on here in these woods, gather your wits, plan your next move.
but, for heavens sake  -or maybe that of this beleagered eaarth of ours-
not before you resolve to grow up, please.
this immature rush of ours after unbridled growth long enough has had its day!    

so i want to sit on this rock with you awhile, friend, think out loud a bit.
first up, these readings.
ever since starting out on my bike these years ago for mother,
mother’s been whispering in my ear something fierce.
after climate ride california 2010 i can think of little else.
scattered news of old holding me in addictive clutches fails to move me anymore.
you move me, mother, front & center at last.

2. still with me ? . . .

years at this, and as you can tell, shemovesme.com turns out to be
much more a collection of striking earthly reporting from all over the ether
than about anything much i have to add from here,
far down my catch-up trail of gaia-life
and of these the challenges we’re presenting her.

so much to learn, acknowledge,
surrounded all the while by such jaw-dropping loveliness!

never mind that one wide awake student of mine in a previous life
took it upon himself to make known in class one day his shocking discovery
the guy parading up front there’s spouting something of clearly limited personal familiarity.
no matter, it’s still true: learning alongside you remains best way i know
to explore & register new callings of my own.

meanwhile, in this wild web world of ours,
rampaging info-flooding’s clearly the region’s own climatic signature.

so where do i begin?
-always the lead-in.

from what i’m seeing, aggregating according to a singular perspective
is one widely used way to manage the flow.
collecting, connecting, on the way to creating;
who knows, shemovesme.com might even help more eyes than originally supposed
find their footing.

now, while true i can’t ever tell exactly what it is that strikes me,
what i’m open for today when i light up the screen, why this piece and not that,
i can tell you this.
always it’s my intention to represent the material i find fairly & accurately,
citing original publication sources, authorship, and dates.

should, however, you find here something you’ve written/published yourself
which you sense i’m misrepresenting or infringing on,
or which otherwise prompts you to object to its inclusion here,
do let me know ( jeremyjim@me.com ) and i’ll withdraw it, no questions.

this continues to be one rewarding journey.
i marvel at the sights, the insights along the way. here’s one that stands out . . .

seems that folks doing most work investigating climate change, its present damage,
its monumental prospects, who match their findings with unstoppable activism
to reach today’s movers,
all curiously report nearly identical encouraging conclusions.

humankind will persevere, our history to date alone tells us so.
we will not in the end eradicate ourselves, we’ll get the message,
we’ll discover & move on to new ways of making life work for ourselves
and for our fellow creatures on this so singular home planet of ours.

we will wake up at last.
even if it takes us through unimagined nightmares of alarm.

this i can believe in this my own wrap-up time here.
and for the sake of all those just starting out here,
and for those queuing up in imaginations yet unregistered.

here’s another, this one a simple question with me hourly . . .

this gaia, this real breathing, self-sustaining being whose internal mechanisms
by now have been so extensively, scientifically documented,
thanks especially to james lovelock’s inspiration

. . . who is she really?
the more i learn about her the more i want to know.

what are you thinking? what’re you like? can i talk to you?
can we laugh together? what can you tell me about all & any of us?
do tigers purr?

or can a single cell even hope to ever fully, consciously uncover his host,
on the way to truly loving her, one awake being to another?
i’m finding precious little of this anywhere on the web.

obviously more time’s needed here on our rock together.
if you profit from these moments much as i do, i invite you to come by often.

did you know you can subscribe to shemovesme.com
so new postings are announced in your email as i submit them?
just pop your email address in the subscription option at the top.

. . . well, well, look what pops in my own email box this morning
from dailygood.org;
talk about gaia, good-&-timely.

optimism is invaluable for the meaningful life.
with a firm belief in a positive future
you can throw yourself into the service of that which is larger than you are.

— martin seligman

the illiterate of the 21st century, alvin toffler famously says,
will not be those who cannot read and write,
but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.

let’s do keep in touch!

~ jim rucquoi

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3 thoughts on “about

  1. hi jim, i had a look at your video and photo site, and enjoyed very much, pretty awesome ! and also thank you for following my blog. i will have a look around your blog some more.. : )


  2. Jim i am with you on that rock with tears of joy for the beauty around us. lets do our best to keep it beautiful…



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