church & ma – confessional to pulpit


so good to hear it
rediscovering maker in ma
frank church at last

galileo’s sidereus nuncius
to yesterday’s laudato si
four hundred years of wakeup

if rome can do it
so can our very generation
the speediest & highest cost


thanks, frank !

xmas gifts for ma, paris, dec 2015

1. fossils are plunging – our up & out chance
let’s kick oil while the price is down – naomi klein


2. then, just as we were able to get to the moon
now let’s spend it again on this very planet of ours
bringing wind & sun back home

( click on MOONSHOT CALL ON CLEAN ENERGY by BBC’s roger harrabin )

3. meantime, not to forget grandest upcoming party

the trail is the thing, not end of trail

. . . travel too fast and you’ll miss all you’re traveling for

~ louis l’amour

sierra club daily ray of hope photo by ken bondy

sierra club daily ray of hope, may 14, 2015
photo by ken bondy / point buchon trail, south of montana do oro state park, near los osos CA

springUP 15

ma & me, our eight days alone up florida’s beautiful SRAIA

so much for tiny trailer. ready for tiny movie itself ? CHK IT OUT

hit the pedals, in touch again


kicking off on my 77th birthday
up the coast on A1A, daytona beach-to-fernandina beach
115 tadpole miles in 8 days

about time to take her in nice & calm
having shared her suffering of so many posts – plus
two climate rides of matching strain – ea 300+ miles in 5 days

will keep you posted …
meantime, no better way to get started
here at earthday/birthday than us-for-ma, front-&-center


1. 19M-daytonaUS92-topaz-flagler8W120

2. 31M-topaz-flagler-anastisiaSP(camp)staug

3. 36M-anastisiaSPstaug-daysinn-nepbeach-jax

4. 30M-daysinn-neptunebeach-fortclinchSP-fernandinabeach